About Us

Founded in 1996, Zenrock eyewear is a professional supplier engaged in the research, development, OEM and wholesale of eyewear, and has been committed to providing customers with the best user experience and value services. With the fragmentation of orders and the continuous update of customer purchase requirements, Zenrock keeps pace with the times and launches spot services suitable for many small and medium-sized buyers. With lower procurement standards and faster delivery cycles, many small and medium-sized buyers can achieve Minimum inventory and faster and better cash flow, and we also provide logistics customs clearance services that other suppliers are not good at, that is, customers can enjoy the most convenient door-to-door service (DDP). With the development of Internet technology, we expect our online services to bring more convenience and purchasing experience to many small and medium buyers!

Name:Shanghai Jinfan International Trade Co., Ltd.

Address:Rm333, 3F, Block 4, Bldg 1, No.2001, Yanggao North Rd,Free Trade Test Area SHANGHAI CN